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Campus Life

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More than a quarter of Hyupsung students are enjoying the benefit of financial supports every year. Hyupsung encourages them to complete their academic program, preparing various types of scholarships and grants.

Inside Scholarships

New Outstanding Students Award, Talented Students Award, Academic Excellence Award, Student Union Grant, Student Leadership Award, National Army Grant, Social Service Grant, Seol-Bong Scholarship, ROTC Scholarship and many other scholarships and fellowships from many donors in and out of campus are granted.

Outside Scholarships

appointed scholarship, not appointed scholarship

Study Abroad

Under this system, students can have their credits acknowledged if they have completed them at educational institutes (sister universities) recognized by this university, which provides such students with opportunities to study in a variety of countries and regions that they desire, depending on their major or purpose.

Activities and Events

University Festival

At Hyupsung University Festival held in early May or June, self-governing organizations at every level from the student council of each college, clubs, as well as professors, staff, alumni, local residents who have been part of Hyunsung.

Intramural Athletics Competition

College sports events held between September and October every year are competitions where all departments participate. Students take a break from their pursuit of truth and knowledge and have a great time in the autumn with the spirit of youth and passion.
Consisting of various programs, such as soccer, basketball, football, dodge ball, and women’s sports, all the students, whether freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors, come together and enjoy the events.