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Graduate School

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Graduate School

The general graduate school aims to produce highly skilled human resources with knowledge, personality, and creativity based on the Christian principles, who will work with advanced expertise, knowledge, and research capabilities in future information society. The best institute at Hyupsung University provides advanced programs to boost students' confidence in their future.


Department of Theology, Department of Urban Engineering

Graduate School of Theology

The Graduate School of Theology is a graduate school associated with the Korean Methodist Church and aims to produce ministers who will spread the gospel in this pluralized society by combining theological theories and practical knowledge and will lead the Church. Students will be taught under the principles of the Wesley spirit and comprehensive education taking into consideration the current ministry.


Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Society and Ethics, Pastoral Counselling, Christian Education, Worship and Preaching, Mission and Culture

Graduate School of Social Sciences

The Graduate School of Social Sciences aims to produce social workers who can cope with various social problems related to children, youth, seniors, disabled, women, and families. Students learn theories on humans, social environment, social services and technologies, social service policies, social services and programs, and participate in social work practices.


Social Welfare

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education aims to produce creative educational experts to meet various educational needs through pedagogical theories and methods. The programs are provided in each season, which offer students opportunities to study new theories and methodologies.


Korean Education, English Education, Computer Education, Educational Administration, Counselling Psychology

Graduate School of Arts

The Graduate School of Arts aims to produce professional and high quality artists who can perform well in this modern society where radical changes occur and cultural diversity is required. A variety of programs for each department and major are available with a focus on practical studies so that students can become expert artists who have sensibility and expressive skills.


Piano, Vocal Music, Composition, Choral Conducting, String and Wind Instruments, Environmental Furniture Design, Industrial Design, Visual Design, Interior Design, Fine Art, Practical Art