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The College of Arts : The Magicians of beauty

Division of Music

The Major of Piano produces human resources who will work as pianists with theoretical knowledge and artistic skills and who will lead the culture of arts. Programs are available from various types of piano lessons to key harmony, and piano ensembles as well as training. Students will not only love playing the piano more but also be able to express everything using the piano and become a confident human being.

Major of Voice Performance

The Major of Voice Performance produces human resources who will work as creative, professional vocalists. Professors teach basic theories and various courses of practices so that students can develop skills and techniques as professional vocalists who use their voices as an instrument. The programs will also include experiences on the stage.

Major of Composition

The Major of Composition produces creative and professional musicians. The major offers various programs that help students learn the basics, composition techniques, and composition workshops through which students will have a comprehensive understanding and experience of music of their time. Students will be given an opportunity to improve their skills by submitting their works at fairs and presentations as well as share and exchange knowledge with other various musicians.

Major of Choral Conducting

The Major of Choral Conducting produces human resources who will work as orchestral conductors or choral conductors as well as music teachers. Students will learn basic theories on music, conducting techniques, arranging techniques, and orchestral conducting techniques and be given an opportunity to conduct orchestras or choruses at a number of concerts, which will help them develop confidence on the stage.

Major of Instrumental Performance

The Major of Instrumental Performance produces competent human resources who can work in various fields as an orchestral musicians or teachers. Students will learn basic theories on music, orchestra, string ensembles, pipe ensembles, and chamber ensembles and develop personal skills and personality as a musician.

Job Opportunities

Foreign and domestic graduate schools, private music academy teacher and manager, music magazine journalist, broadcasting company PD, opera group, player for choire, music director, music publishing & editing company, and other careers.

Department of Formative Painting

The Department of Formative Art produces creative human resources who can contribute to international arts. Systematic and various practical programs will help students develop aesthetic sensibility and expressive skills. Theories on art history and aesthetics will help them understand the spirit and background of modern arts.

Job Opportunities

Artists, teachers, critics, curators, designers, art directors, museum and art hall staffs, other art-related institutions.

Department of Furniture Design

The Department of Furniture Design produces designers and authors leading the 21st-century furniture industry. Devoted professors teach how to understand the furniture industry through programs focusing on theories and practical knowledge about from traditional to modern industries. Students will develop insights into furniture manufacturing through group work and individual projects at the modern laboratory, various presentations and fairs.

Job Opportunities

Designers for furniture companies, inheritance of family furniture business, designers for interior companies, specialized display companies(VMD), operating a place for art works and SHOP, stage designers, home coordinators, free lancers, domestic and international graduate schools, mid-school practice teachers, creators, etc.

Department of Interior Design

The Department of Interior Design produces professionals who can transform people's living places into beautiful and clean spaces. Students learn theories to gain a deeper understanding of indoor environments and architecture and practical design subjects that teach advanced studies through four years to cultivate capabilities and skills to create a functional, structural, and beautiful space.

Job Opportunities

Interior design companies, architectural design companies, stage equipment companies, department stores, furniture companies, exhibition companies, design planning department. Also various certificates for trade mark specialist, architect, construction available.

Department of Industrial Design

The Department of Industrial Design produces professionals who can create designs with insights and sensibility, which increase product values. Professors who have real-life experiences study and teach designs according to the lifestyle of this highly industrialized society so that students can develop creative problem-solving skills.

Job Opportunities

Product design department of private companies(electronic, information & communication product design, fancy product design, illuminating equipment design, office furniture design, household product design, kitchenware design, medical product design, etc), auto companies, cosmetic product companies, environmental product companies, broadcasting companies, displayer, interior design offices, furniture manufacturing companies, V.M.D., planning offices, coordinators, landscaping companies, etc.

Department of Visual Design

The Department of Visual Design produces human resources who can work as design experts in all visual communication areas, such as corporate CI, advertising, and packaging. Students learn theories on innovative designs and develop creative formative skills. They also develop confidence in this age where design competitiveness has become important.

Job Opportunities

Advertising design of various type of companies, wrap design, editing design, practical designer in charge of web design and more, designers in advertising agencies and design planning companies, graduate schools-domestic and oversees possible.


Biblical Studies, History & Christian Thoughts, Pastoral Theologya