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The College of Science and Engineering : The Poet of Technology

Department of Urban Planning and Engineering

The Department of Urban Planning and Engineering produces professional human resources who can plan and design urban spaces in a more functional and beautiful way. Students will learn how to solve urban problems that we face now, expertise in various fields such as architecture, civil, landscape, and traffic, and the scientific methods of applying their knowledge. Therefore, they will become urban planners who consider public interests.

Job Opportunities

- Central and local government
- Research institute: Several institutes affiliated with central and local government.
- Planning engineering: Engineering companies for urban and regional planning, and national geographic
- Designing company: Design companies for urban designing and complex planning, and house land design
- Planning positions in private companies: planning and evaluating development projects
- Public development area
- Others: Tour and leisure industry, real estate development, etc.

Department of Architectural Engineering

The Department of Architectural Engineering produces architectural experts who can harmonize beauty, function, and public good through their artistic designs and strong technical knowledge.
Architects should be able to analyze and summarize a number of problems related to human life, as well as design buildings. Students will therefore gain a profound understanding of architectural affairs in relation to various fields such as arts, culture, history, and philosophy.

Job Opportunities

Architectural design offices, construction companies, construction structure office, construction equipment office, special CM(construction management) companies, engineering companies, inspection companies, financial institutions, legal offices, evaluating and assessing institutes, central and local government officials as architectural engineers, graduate schools possible, and so on.

Department of Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering produces human resources who can work in this information society with creativity, technology, and applicable techniques.
Starting with an understanding of the computer system mechanisms and principles, students will learn information technologies leading the 21st century, including the latest theories on the development and operation of information management systems, the principles of intelligent information systems, the production of multimedia contents, and application of telecommunicates technologies.

Job Opportunities

Government officials in computer department, programmer/system manager/network managers in private companies, web designers/programmers/software developers/system managers in IT-related companies.

Department of Health Management

The Department of Health Management produces human resources who understand the Korean health care policies, health care and medical systems and solve future health problems. Students will learn the basics about medicine, research health and medical policies, and study theories and technologies related to hospital management to promote people's health. The growing demand for health care and welfare in relation to improving the quality of life is expected to increase workforce demand.

Job Opportunities

Health and medical care institutions, health and healthadministration government officials, institutions supervised by Department of Health and Welfare, health and medical care pressure groups, health and medical care journalism companies, general hospital & medicine companies, insurance companies, health advertising planning companies, etc.


Biblical Studies, History & Christian Thoughts, Pastoral Theologya