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The College of Business :  The Future of Korean Financial Industry

Department of Management and Information

The Department of Management and Information produces human resources who will become professional business managers in today's digital economy where information technology as well as business administration skills are required. Passionate professors have experiences and expertise in both fields of management and information technology and teach students how to become professional managers. Students will have various career opportunities after graduation.

Job Opportunities

1) planning, personnel, marketing, other administrative positions
2) web designer, web programmer, computer specialist such as database administrator
3) webmaster, customer management, and other internet-related specialists
4) consulting such as technology sales and business restructuring
5) graudate school(business administration, management & information, computer system, etc.)
6) e-business entrepreneur

Department of Finance and Insurance

The Department of Finance and Insurance produces human resources who will play an important role in the development of the financial insurance industry.
Students will have a comprehensive range of expertise related to the banking, security, and insurance industries through balanced education. We are producing professionals who have creativity and practical skills.

Job Opportunities

Banks, mutual trust companies, trust investment companies, securities companies, credit information companies, financial positions in general business companies, various finance and insurance certificates available (generally enable holders to work as securities consultant or free lancer).

Department of Tax and Accounting

The Department of Tax and Accounting produces professional human resources in tax and accounting areas who will play a pivotal role in business activities.
Based on a profound understanding of social changes and increasing demands for CPA, MLCPA, and tax accountant certificates as well as electronic tax accounting and financial management consultant certificates, we provide programs that meet those needs.

Job Opportunities

Large and mid-size companies, office of professional tax and accounting, government investment companies, public officials, research institutes. Some professional jobs may require candidates to pass tax & accounting exams, such as CPAs, tax preparers, real estate evaluators/assessors, and so on.

Department of Advertising, PR & Film

The Department of Advertising, PR & Film produces creative advertisers who will work in the rapidly changing environment of advertising.
Starting with an understanding of management, press, and broadcasting, students will learn a variety of courses related to advertising planning and production and become expert advertisers who can actively respond to changes in the media and management environment

Job Opportunities

General administrative positions in large business companies, broadcasting and newspaper companies, advertising agencies,production companies, (later if wished) starting-up one's own advertising/PR agency or production company, CF director, copywriter, AE(account executive), dvertising consultant, PR personnel, freelancer.

Department of Distribution Management

The Department of Distribution Management produces professional human resources in fields of distribution, services, and logistics through practical education based on the theories of management, marketing, distribution and logistics, and information technology. This department was founded as the first of its kind among four-year collages in 1995 in response to changes in the distribution environment. As the only department in its field in the metropolitan region, the department participates in industry-university consortium and government projects.

Job Opportunities

Distribution companies including large domestic department stores, distribution management positions within general large and small companies, airline and overseas transportation companies, forwarding companies, trade and financial companies, distribution research institute and consulting companies, individual small-scale entrepreneur.

Department of International Trade

The Department of International Trade produces professional international trade manpower who can work in international trade institutions (administrative agencies, foreign affair offices, research institutes), general trading companies, and other businesses. Students will research overseas areas to cope with international economies, learn expertise about international trade policies and laws, and learn the practical techniques of negotiating with foreign governments.

Job Opportunities

Professionals in international trade, international finance dealers, managerial positions in multi-national companies, professionals in trade, professionals in customs clearance, other opportunities for government officials(may need to take public exams).


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